Mission, History and Purpose

Mission: “Promoting, supporting and growing the defense industry in Southeastern Oklahoma”.

History: The Department of Defense has stated: a local community’s active support for its defense industry is a key measurement in the evaluation of the viability of the community and defense facility.

Equipped with this knowledge, in 2009 a group of volunteers established the McAlester Defense Support Association which now supports the McAlester Defense Support Services. This non-profit organization (your organization) is crucial in growing and protecting our Defense Industries which grow our economy.

Purpose: MDSS is funded by a partnership which includes MDSA membership, the City of McAlester and McAlester Area Chamber of Commerce.

MDSA/MDSS supports all area Defense Industry: McAlester Army Ammunitions Plant (MCAAP), Defense Ammunitions Center (DAC), Choctaw Defense as well as the Chickasaw Nation Industries Military Division.

We ensure the voice of our community along with the voice of our Military Industry is heard throughout the corridors of the State Capitol as well as our Nation’s Capital.



MDSA is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit organization

Formed in 2009 to:

  • Support
  • Protect and
  • Expand/Retain defense-related jobs in the McAlester Area
    • The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
    • The Defense Ammunition Center (DAC)
    • Private Defense Contractors – Choctaw Defense, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Textron

Prior to MDSA & 2009

We Needed to Improve Communication:

  • Community Support for our Military Installation
  • Our appreciation to those at McAAP and DAC for what they did and they work they do
  • A clear message to decision makers in State and Federal Offices
  • The advantages of the workforce and resources at McAAP

In 2009 A Group of Concerned Citizens Organized MDSA

MDSA is now the strong voice in support of McAAP/DAC and Private Defense Contractors

Why Is This Important?

  • McAAP/DAC/Defense  is the single largest employer in the County.
  • Over $350,000,000 Economic Impact Yearly

What happens at McAAP affects us all!

$350MM – Yearly Economic Impact

If you’re involved in:

Real Estate, finance, automobiles, groceries,  household goods, professional services, hospitality, education, personal services, health, medicine/drugs or government or

If you’re a:

Contractor, professional,  office workers, manager, skilled laborer

Then What Affects Our Defense Industry Affects You!

What Is It We Do?

  • Regular briefings to/from federal and state officials
  • Many contacts and submissions have been made to counter others efforts to reduce specific missions from McAAP
  • “McAlester Stampede” is done yearly in Washington DC with visits to congressional delegation and Pentagon Officials to support our defense work.
  • Funding has been secured from the State of Oklahoma for defense support improvements outside the boundary of McAAP
  • MDSA has served as the primary contact and resource point between the community and McAAP
  • Initiated an ongoing Strategic Planning Matrix which identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with specific action plans for each.
  • Numerous activities are continuously underway including tours,  receptions of diplomats and education sessions with legislators,  military and civilian personnel
  • Monthly board meetings,  regular updates to members and annual membership drives to keep the progress going

Our Message Is Very Clear

  • We alert the community to defense industry issues
  • We identify to the defense industry the area’s support for the base
  • We mobilize community and area leaders to respond to defense needs and threats to jobs.
  • We conduct SWOT analysis and plans
  • We develop Strategic Plan for defense retention and expansion
  • We are the point of contact for state and federal officials
  • We express defense related needs to state and federal officials
  • We seek funding for various efforts from business, individuals, grants and government.

How Can You Help?

Join MDSA!

  • Platinum Membership – $5,000 a year
  • Gold Membership – $1,000 a year
  • Silver Membership – $500 a year
  • Associate Membership – $250 a year
  • Supporting Membership – $100 a year

Help us – help our community!

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